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4 Seasons Pitching:

Jan - Feb 2024

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Phase 2 -

Winter build:

Winter is the time to improve mobility, strength, balance and other aspects of athletic development required for success on the mound next season.

Too many players and coaches are focused on pitching all year round. In reality, the never-ending throwing cycle puts wear and tear on the arm and shoulder that your body never fully recovers from and carries over into the season. Instead of getting stronger, you gradually fatigue, leading to pain and injuries commonly plaguing young pitchers these days.

True 2 Form is here to put a stop to that and offer something truly beneficial to develop strong, healthy pitchers!

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We have the workout plan for you!

True 2 Form's winter phase workout program is designed by a physician, pitching coach, and pitcher specifically to help prevent arm injuries, and improve pitching performance.


Get stronger legs, hips, core - where pitchers need it the most!

Speed, balance and mobility

Pitchers are athletes too! Mobility is a key factor to proper throwing mechanics and running form.

Avoid injury

Save young pitchers from injuries, missed playing time and potential surgery.

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Understanding The Problem

Although throwing a baseball may seem like a natural motion, the strenuous repetition of throwing can pose a serious threat to a player’s health. Arm injuries can affect their playing time, but also their long-term health. The numbers don't lie:

  • "58% of youth pitchers between 5 and 14 years old experience shoulder pain"
  • "Damage to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) is rising an average of 9.8% per year in the past decade"
  • "Studies show 48.5% reduction in arm injury among pitchers who completed an off-season arm care program"

(National Institute of


Find your FORM with our 4-Seasons Phase 2 - Build classes now forming

Jan - Feb 2024


The Four Common Problems

Tommy John Surgery:

The “Tommy John” injury is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). The UCL is the most frequently injured ligament in baseball. This ligament helps provide the elbow stability while throwing, but damage to this ligament generally occurs from excessive use.

Shoulder Instability:

Throwing overhand puts a lot of stress on the shoulder. Therefore, shoulder instability occurs when the shoulder joint dislocates from the shoulder socket. This causes your shoulder to be loose and move out of place regularly. For pitchers, instability develops gradually over the years due to repetitive throwing that eventually stretches the ligaments and creates an increased laxity.

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis & Tears:

The overhead throwing motion of the arm can cause a compression of the tendons as they pass through the shoulder joint. The results of this can cause tendinitis, causing swelling and irritation. This can progress to a loss of strength and motion and the tendon could possibly tear.

Pitcher's Elbow:

The bones in your elbow will twist and come in contact with one another. This repeated pressure eventually wears down the cartilage and causes swelling in the joint restricting full extension of the elbow and creating pain. A sign of this condition is when the velocity decreases and there is pain in your arm.

Phase 2 - Build:

You may be hitting and pitching this winter, but what are you neglecting?

This is a workout plan to supplement your practice. It is crucial to healthy development as an athlete. Our objective is to make you stronger, more flexible and balanced so that your body does not prevent good mechanics.

Your mechanics are in good hands.


Developing the full body mobility and mechanics to reduce arm strain and preventing injury.


Coordinating the lower body, core strength, stability, balance, and timing to improve velocity and consistency.

Your dream is our plan

Dr. Deming combines his experience with expertise in biomechanics and injury prevention to create a comprehensive pitching development program. Make your dream a reality!

Avoid Fatigue

Andrews Research and Education Institute (AREI) in Gulf Breeze, Fla., has proven that if a young baseball player plays with fatigue, there is a 36 to 1 increased incidence that they can injure their throwing shoulder and/or elbow.

3 Types of fatigue

  • Event Fatigue – too many pitches in a game
  • Seasonal Fatigue – too many pitches and/or innings in a season
  • Year-Round Fatigue – playing youth baseball year-round

4 Seasons training with True 2 Form

Train like the pros with True2Form. We build strength, mobility, balance and power creating strong and healthy pitchers. Drastically reduce the chances of arm injury while at the same time improve your accuracy, velocity and consistency.

True2Form Winter Build strength training class is designed specifically for baseball pitchers by Dr. Deming, DPM and Certified Performance and Sport Scientist, also 2 time NCAA All-Conference pitcher with over 10 years of coaching experience.